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Don't Throw Out Your Pasta Water!

Making pasta is easy and the right sauce makes the dish just sing in harmony! There's more than just opening a jar to having a great sauce, and the trick is in the starchy pasta water.

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A little bit of residual starch in hot pasta water can make a world of difference in enriching and thickening any sauce you want to coat your pasta. Of course the pasta and sauce must be able to work together. Pasta shapes vary so they can hold the creamy sauces or compliment and mix well with pieces of meats or vegetables in hearty sauces.

Sauce it Up

Reserve some of your hot pasta water to add into sauces, either by the cupful or little at a time, and see how incredible your dishes turn out!

No Nude Noods

The added starch in the water will help your sauces adhere better to your pasta, and ensure a better and more even coating. This way you'll be sure to get all the delicious flavors in every bite and you won't have any naked noodles lingering around in your linguine.

It's simple to get the water into the pan by using tongs to grab the pasta and just putting it straight into the sauce. Don't worry about draining what you've grabbed, but let most of the excess run off so you maintain the integrity of the sauce and not turn it into a soup.


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