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Big Flavor in Small Packages

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I'm Kisha and I'm all about EVERYTHING family, food, and food-related! I have my big crazy Italian family and Cajun home to thank for this deeply-instilled passion that I'm so proud to pass along to my kids.


Growing up in Southwestern Louisiana, the heart of Cajun Country (also known as Acadiana) I've been blessed to be immersed in such a rich culture that is greatly recognized worldwide by the unique cuisine this region has to offer. Cajun food is often misrepresented as overly spicy, when it's really just very well seasoned.

I'm going to show you how to be fearless and how EASY it is to fall in love with your kitchen and make phenomenal masterpieces, from grand dinners, family staples, freshly baked breads, decadent desserts... and that's just the beginning!

I'm so happy and blessed to show you exactly what I mean as I take you through some of the local flavors and share some of my family's favorite dishes. You can follow along and make them for yourself - or share with others if you're feeling generous - and TASTE all of the flavor and excitement we enjoy down here!

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