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Bayou Bites

Family Owned and Operated

Take A Big Bayou Bite!

Pick up Bayou Bites mouth-watering and appetite-inducing dishes for whatever occasion!


Having a crazy busy week? Not sure what to make for an upcoming dinner party? Need ideas for what to bring to the next social gathering? Do you have ferociously hungry family coming for the holidays? Maybe you just want to show appreciation and acknowledgement to someone or maybe even your staff. Whatever the case, Bayou Bites has got you covered to satisfy the most ravenous of palates!

Pick up selectively crafted and freshly prepared, ready-to-eat meals, side dishes, even snacks and desserts sure to fulfill and satisfy every tastebud! 

 Want a batch of beignets for Teacher Appreciation, or maybe a couple dozen savory pistolettes for a fun night with friends? Place your order or stop in and get Bayou Bites taste sensations to satiate your cravings in a blissful utopia!

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